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Will I Ever Need To Clean My Silencer?

Will I Ever Need To Clean My Silencer?

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Pneumatic silencer symbolThe pneumatic silencer symbol seen in schematics is shown in Figure 6. Figure 6: Pneumatic silencer symbolPneumatic silencer throttle valveFigure 7: Throttle valve examplesThrottle valves are commonly included with silencers and are commonly just called adjustable pneumatic silencers or flow control silencers. Adjustable pneumatic silencers are an inexpensive method for pneumatic flow control to control the speed at which air exits the valve. For example, by controlling the exhaust speed of a pneumatic cylinder you can control how quickly the piston is able to extend and/or retract.

The flow rate of air is typically adjusted by rotating a knob to change the flow speed, like a needle valve. The position of the screw will increase or decrease the size of the valve orifice and thus adjust the flowrate of the air exiting the valve.

Figure 7 shows an example of a throttle valve. Pneumatic silencer throttle valve symbolThe pneumatic throttle valve symbol seen in schematics is shown in Figure 8. Figure 8: Pneumatic throttle valve symbolPneumatic silencer exhaust cleanerSilencers can also contain a filter to remove oil mist and dust in the exhaust air from entering the environment. These are important if the pneumatic air is dirty or toxic to allow you to protect the environment, workers, and/or applications if working in a sterile environment.

Figure 9 shows an example of a silencer exhaust cleaner. Figure 9: Silencer exhaust cleanerPneumatic silencer exhaust cleaner symbolThe silencer exhaust cleaner symbol seen in schematics is shown in Figure 10. Figure 10: Silencer exhaust cleaner symbolIndustry standardsTo protect workers from exposure to harmful noise and toxic substances levels, organizations and governments define standards for machine manufacturers.

Pneumatic silencers are commonly certified to the following standards:- Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) – 2014/68/EC – Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHs) – 2002/95/EC – Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH) – EC No 1907/2006 – EC Noise Directive – 2003/10/EC – Occupational Health and Environmental Control – 1910. 95(b)ApplicationsPneumatic silencers can be applied in many applications.

Applications which operate pneumatics at a high frequency and produce a large amount of noise are well suited for pneumatic silencers. The application examples below commonly use pneumatic silencers. Robotics: Robotics frequently use pneumatics to control movement or perform work on a load. A robotic arm for example, uses pneumatics to control its motion.

Switching on or off pneumatic valves will control movement of the arm. Robotics are commonly used in conjunction with workers, so controlling the exhaust noise is important. Packaging: Pneumatics are often used on packaging machines to drive motion. A sorting machine will often divert product based on a signal from an industrial controller.

The signal from the controller is used to activate a pneumatic device. Due to the high rate at which packaging machines operate and the high volume of workers that are typically surrounding these machines, pneumatic silencer would be well suited for packaging machines. Fence Production Machinery: Machines that produce rolls of fence often include pneumatic cylinders to cut fencing as it is woven into rolls.

An operator is constantly working alongside fence production machinery to ensure the rolls of fence are according to specification. To protect operators from damaging noise a pneumatic silencer is an ideal solution to reduce noise from the constantly operated machinery. FAQBelow is a list of frequently asked pneumatic silencer questions:What is the difference between a silencer and a muffler?

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