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If You Do Not Wear Glasses

If You Do Not Wear Glasses

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There’s a nice locking button that protrudes out for zero stop. That mechanism also disappears after one full turn… 2 full turns. This is a scope that’s made for low light use when you have to use tactile indicators for zero. Turning the turret knobs is soft/easy and there’s a good audible click.

Windage is covered which is ok since it’s coupled with the CCH reticle that helps a lot with holdovers. The indicator for windage is not centered… It does make it easier to see but is different from almost all other scopes… Parallax was very close to the actual distances and I like the numbered graduations.

And it comes with an integrated throw lever that makes it easy to transition the entire zoom spectrum. Very quality and actually lighter than I thought for all the features and the bigger tube/objective lens. I used the very high 34mm rings from Leupold which worked better on my DTA SRS.

However one set of the rings had a very sticky screw that needed a little more oomph to manipulate. I still like going with single piece mounts since I take my scopes on and off a lot and they hold zeros better. Tracking was dead on even though the zero shifted a little from taking the rings on and off.

Overall super clear glass and extra features built into the great windage/elevation knobs. You might choose a more “normal” reticle like their TMR since the CCH is built for movers and windage holds. Lives up to the Leupold name. 5. Burris XTR II 5-2550The Burris XTR II is a pretty good deal for what you get coming in around $1000.

This bad boy comes with very decent glass and one of my favorite reticles… SCR Mil which is an enhanced “normal” reticle. Check it out at 25x which is very usable and has good graduations for both windage and elevation holds. While still being useful at 5x, especially with the 3 thicker lines drawing your eyes into the center.

Eye relief is listed at a good 4. 24 and 3. 5 inches although the eye box did not feel very forgiving. The turrets/knobs were a little stiffer than I would have liked… They are for close distance glassing. Cons- They are not practical when used for open field glassing – In as much as they are high powered, they command lesser detail and information.

1042 vs 842: Based on Optical Features and UsabilityThe 8x magnification is of inferior quality compared to the 10x. To this effect objects do not appear closer to you when using an 8x like they would look when you use the 10x lens. If you target a farther distance, the lower magnification in the 8x makes for an inferior option.

However, considering the magnification power of the 10x, it comes with a catch; every simple or tiny movement you make becomes defined. This offers a difficulty when you want to lock into a target to view all of the details in which the extra magnification gets you.

Hence, they are not full-proof. What you win in the detail that comes with magnification, you lose in the bigger picture. The field of view is how extensive of an environment can you view through the lens. Often, the lower magnification binoculars create a wider field of view, making finding your target easy.

Peering through a 10x 42 provides a lesser field of view, making for a tasking find of a single tiny bird in the trees or any other little target in a vast area. The 8x 42 is optimized for those who wear glasses or intend to wear shades whenever they use the binoculars.

Eye relief connotes the distance it takes from the eyepiece to where your eye will be capable of achieving a full field of view and clear, crisp image. In general,10x binocular often have shorter high relief than 18x counterparts. If you do not wear glasses, then this is not your problem.

The slightest movement of the hand can be uncomfortable.

However, those who wear glasses have to think about this if you are going to get your binoculars. If you use glasses, we recommend 16 mm of eye relief, but larger eye relief will be better. Image StabilityYou compromise image quality the higher powered you go. The slightest movement of the hand can be uncomfortable. However, Comparing the 8x and the 10x image stability Is not an issue as the difference in them both is obvious.

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